What We Are Playing (16th April)


Well another weekend has arrived and we have returned to a little bit of normality here in the UK which is absolutely fantastic. Things have started to open up again over here so I am determined to spend less time in front of the screen for a change and enjoy the weather and the little bit more freedom we have. So here is what we are planning on playing this weekend in between enjoying ourselves outdoors and just relaxing...


I have a pretty busy weekend as I have my haircut booked in and I am out for a drinks on Sunday, in between that I need to get plenty of blog posts done too as I am slacking and only have a short amount of time before I am back in work full time so I need to get cracking on. In between all this I am hoping to play a bit of FIFA as I have missed playing it this week and I think I am going to try play some more Animal Crossing as I quite enjoyed the little bit I played the other day and I want to create a much better island. 


Whilst Lucy is out I will be at home so no doubt 90% of that time will be spent playing games. I will no doubt be playing more World of Warcraft because it seems to be what I am playing the most again these days. I will also be jumping in and out of Red Dead Redemption too as I am still really enjoying playing that.

So there you have it that is what we are hoping to play this weekend. It is definitely going to be a nice change of pace to past weekends. What are you playing this weekend? 

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