What I have been watching on Disney + Lately

 Disney+ came out just at the right time for me with the UK lockdown following not long after, honestly since the services release a year ago I think I have watched it almost every day which for me is pretty good going. It has meant I have been able to relive some parts of my childhood with me able to re-watch shows I watched daily after school but it has also given me the opportunity to watch some shows I previously missed. There are a whole host of shows available especially with the addition of Star but here is what I have been watching recently.

Wizards of Waverly Place 

Growing up I absolutely loved Wizards of Waverly place and it turns out that it is no different these days as I completed all 4 seasons in less than 1 month. It was quite funny watching it this time around as I could basically repeat exactly what was going to happen before it did and I loved it. Rewatching this definitely took up a lot of my TV time but I really didn't mind as I it was great and I actually got more done with it on in the background than I would if I had the football on or a different show. No doubt I will end up watching this again in the near future. 

Suite Life of Zack and Cody

I absolutely loved getting home from school or getting up early on a weekend and watching the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, it was one of those shows that just had you laughing and that you could have on at any time and not get bored of it. It turns out there isn't much different now I am older either as I find myself glued to episodes when I am watching this and I also find myself laughing a long. I aren't that far in to rewatching these episodes as Wizards of Waverly place took other but now that is done I can see myself watching this a whole lot more before moving onto the Suite Life on Deck which is another great show. 

Hannah Montana

I have always loved Hannah Montana, I remember watching the show, going to see the movie and owning all the CD's so there was never a doubt about me rewatching the series when Disney+ was released and I have recently started watching it and once again I am hooked, the episodes are so easy to watch and are good to just have on in the background when I am blogging, seen as I have watched them before I don't have to pay too much attention to them as I remember the plots for some reason plus the music breaks it up nicely. The only issue is I end up with the theme stuck in my head for ages. 

So that is what I have been watching lately as I am trying to watch things in seasons so I don't just flick between shows like I do with Netflix, it is so nice watching the whole seasons instead of trying to remember where I left it months ago. The addition of Star has meant that there is even more for me to watch and that list is getting longer by the day as there is always something new that stands out to me. So here is what I am hoping to watch very soon...

Avengers Films / Marvel Films 

There are so many Marvel and Avengers films that me and Liam haven't got around to watching yet as we either haven't had time or something new has come along and distracted us. I am determined though that this year we are going to get caught up and get them all watched as we really should have more film nights together.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier

This is a fairly new addition to the site but it looks right up my street. I can see me really enjoying this series and I have heard that it just gets better as it goes on so I think I will be watching it whether Liam is or not. Maybe it might be the next show I start. 


I was going to start WandaVision as soon as it was initially released however, for some reason I never did and I found myself having to try avoid spoilers online. I have so far somehow managed to avoid the spoilers but I think it is time for me to jump in and enjoy the series, I don't think Liam is too bothered about watching this so I will no doubt be watching this one alone. 


Believe it or not I am wanting to watch this thanks to Facebook of all places. For some reason clips keep coming up whilst I am scrolling down my feed and it has ended up drawing me in and I actually happily sit and watch them so when I saw it was coming to Star I couldn't wait as I can finally watch a full episode and in decent quality too. 

Greys Anatomy 

This is another show that Facebook has drawn me too and it has surprised me as I usually hate medical shows as I get grossed out far too easily. There is something about this show though that is drawing me in and it looks like I could easily end up getting sucked in and binge watching all the available seasons. Let's just hope I find it as good as those quick 5 minute videos I have been watching on Facebook, at least after a full episode I will know what is going on.  

Desperate Housewives

I don't know why as it isn't a typical show I would typically like but Desperate Housewives has always been a show I have wanted to watch. It is something very different to usual shows I would sit and enjoy but for years I have wanted to get into the show and now that there are plenty of series available on Disney+ I can finally give it a go which I can't wait for. At one point I was looking into buying the box set so luckily the streaming service has saved me a fair bit of money and at least if I don't end up liking it I can just stop watching it without having to feel like I had wasted money. 

I am so glad I subscribed to Disney+ as I am definitely getting my money's worth and I can only see me watching it more and more as new shows and series get added. If you have Disney+ what have you been watching recently?

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