The Game Challenge Part 2... Will I Get Through As Many Games As I Hope


Last September I challenged myself to complete 10 games from my backlog and ended up only completing 1. That is why I am going to give it another go in 2021, this year I am going to be challenging myself to complete 4 games between May 10th and June 10th, any games complete between 00.01 am on May 10th  and 11.59pm on June 10th  will be counted in this challenge no matter if they were started before this date on not just as long as they aren't close to completion as that would be classed as cheating in my eyes. 

I am definitely being a lot more realistic this time around by challenging myself to just completing the 4 games as fingers crossed more lockdown restrictions here in the UK will be lifted around this time so I will finally be spending time with my family etc and just doing things I haven't been able to for the past year. I should still be able to get through around 4 games though as most of my weekends should still be free due to us still not being able to go to the football like I have previously done. Plus I won't be shopping half as much as I used to as I am enjoying not spending a fortune every week and saving for a change. 

Going into this challenge I am definitely a lot more hopefully than last time as I have already completed a lot more games than I had this time last year so there is definitely progress happening in me clearing out my backlog. During this challenge I can complete games from any platform and due to me not really being an achievement hunter I only have to roll the credits on a game which for me is enough, I just don't the attention span to 100% every game I play. 

The last time I did this I really struggled due to how long it took for games to install due to our terrible speeds at this house so I am going to be a lot more prepared than before and actually install the games I want to play before the challenge starts so that once I complete a game I can jump straight into the next one instead of waiting for hours for it to be installed. 

I am aiming to complete games over 5 hours in length instead of having games in that are just a couple of hours long like last time as I want to challenge myself a bit more than last time where my list of games were mainly ones just a couple of hours long.  

The games I play for this challenge have to be in my backlog already too as that is the whole reason of why I do this challenge to help encourage me to beat my backlog. I am hoping that if I do this I will definitely start to make a dent in my backlog which is certainly out of control. So here are the games I am hoping to complete and who knows I might end up completing more but for now these are the main 4...

Spider-Man : Miles Morales

Super Lucky's Tale

Sunset Overdrive

Spongebob Squarepants : Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

I have definitely neglected some games in my backlog and Sunset Overdrive is one of them so I am looking forward to finally getting around to playing that as I have heard good things about that. If I do manage to get 4 games complete during this challenge it will also mean that thanks to my 3 complete to purchase 1 game rule to limit my backlog I will be up to 8 games this year so far meaning I am just 1 more game away from being able to buy 3 new games which I am looking forward to as I have a list of games I want to purchase. 

Fingers crossed I can get through the 4 games in the challenge or maybe more as I am looking forward to carrying on spending more of my time gaming and enjoying games I have neglected. 

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