At Last More Music From Lauren Jauregui.... Prelude Show Review

It is no secret that for many years I was a big fan of Fifth Harmony so when they announced they were splitting up as a group I was pretty upset as I had never got to see them live and also they seemed to work really well as a group. However, them splitting up has actually provided the members to showcase themselves exactly how they want to be as musicians rather than being restrained by being in a girl group like they previously were. My favourite member of the group was always Lauren Jauregui so I was looking forward to her releasing her own music, if you go back and watch her original solo X Factor audition you see just how strong her voice really is but she was definitely limited due to the musical style of Fifth Harmony, so it is safe to say I was looking forward to seeing what she would produce as a solo artist and it is safe to say after watching the Prelude show I know I am not going to be disappointed with what she releases. 

It has been 4 years in the making but we have finally got to see Lauren singing just how she wants to with no limitations. Yes we have had some solo releases from her in the past 4 years such as Expectations, 50ft and More than that however prelude is totally Lauren's own baby as she is referring to it as it is being released under her own label meaning she has finally got full control over what she puts out for us to listen to, something we all know she has wanted to do for a while now. 

It is safe to say I was definitely excited for the Prelude show as I was really looking forward to seeing what she had been working on for so long and the direction it was going to take. So I got my £13 ticket and settled down for the night ready to end the long wait. Before watching the show I had already had Colors on repeat due to it being on Spotify so it was safe to say I knew if the songs were even half as good as what I had heard from Colors I was going to be in for a treat. 

Not only did we get to hear her songs for the first time but we also got to see a fantastic creative performance which you can tell took a whole lot of thought and planning to get it to where it was. A lot of effort had gone into making sure the performance was a true representation of the album we were about to hear for the first time with each performance matching perfectly with the lyrics being sung. We really got to see Lauren's artist potential throughout this show which just makes me more excited for any potential shows I can get to see live. Not only did it showcase how capable of putting on a visual show she is but it really did showcase just how good she is vocally, her raspy voice was coming through in the songs and her real voice was front and center as she was performing her style not one she was been molded into. It really was like going back to that first X Factor performance where her voice shone through and the rest just flowed, the songs were all pretty relaxing to listen to too thanks to her voice and the laid back beats rather than it all being over the top or drowned out. So here is a bit about each of the songs we got to listen to... 

The intro for the whole show really set the theme of what we were going to listen to for the next 30 minutes or so. It was certainly relaxing and set the theme really well. 

The show kicked off with Lauren singing colors, the song I had already had on repeat since it was added to Spotify. This song is absolutely fantastic and is such easy listening to and was the perfect way to kick everything off in my opinion. The lyrics in this song are absolutely brilliant but the best part is around mid way when the beat drops and Lauren's voice matches the new best perfectly. I couldn't even count how many times I have already listened to this song as I have lost track. 

Scattered ft Vic Mensa
Scattered is another song that is available on Spotify already and has been on repeat probably far too much but it is a song with powerful lyrics throughout. One lyric that stands out to me the most is 'I think I might need some help,  I don't feel myself' I think a lot of people are going to end up relating to this song. Vic Mensa's voice really works well with Lauren's on this song too. 

Now were into the songs I hadn't heard before the show and it is safe to say I was excited for what I was about to hear. Falling starts with a really good beat and the song in general just really suits Lauren's voice. My favourite lyrics from this song definitely have to be 'Responsibilities way bigger than me wait outside my door' & 'race around in circles try to leave my heartache at the door'. Again this is another song I think people could easily end up relating to and I think if I get to listen to it a bit more it could easily be in my top 3 songs on the album. 

On Guard ft 6lack 
I was a bit confused at first as it said this song was also called falling however, Lauren confirmed that it was in fact called On Guard and featured 6lack, someone who I hadn't heard of before but will definitely be listening to more often. Both Lauren & 6lacks voices worked really well together in this song and again it had some brilliant lyrics, my favourite from this one was 'So calm down there's no need to rush now won't let it go too far'. This is definitely going to be a song I sing around the house as it is just so catchy. 

Don't Wanna Say 
Before the show I had heard people talking about this song and how it could easily become a 'bi anthem' and to be honest after listening to it I think I could easily agree. This performance was absolutely amazing from the lyrics in the song. 'I really want it but don't wanna say I want it' this could very easily have this song in my top 5 already. This song has Spanish lyrics in it which I absolutely love from Lauren as it just works so well for her voice and flows so well in the song. 

'So I'll leave but I want you back so I'll take you back', I can easily see this being one that I get stuck in my head all the time after a few more listens as it is fantastic and I found myself humming along to this on my first listen which just goes to show how good it is if I am humming along after just one listen. This song did seem to go by a bit too quickly though but all lyrics were absolutely amazing. 

This whole show just showed us how much of a promising future Lauren has ahead of her as a solo artist, and the response from those who watched it has been amazing and you can see the support she already has behind her. The music is definitely different to what we heard from Lauren whilst she was in Fifth Harmony, yes I loved her in the group but I have to say I think I prefer her as a solo artist just as we get to hear her voice at its full potential.  

Lauren is certainly a true performer as we saw throughout the whole show and it really showed all the hard work she has put in over the past 4 years to create something she is really proud of and wants to be known for. For me the only issue was that the show went by far too fast and I would have happily sat and watched a whole lot more but it really did give us a great insight into what is to come from Lauren. 

It really did show the evolution of Lauren and the music she is creating, there really are no limits for her due to her having her own label and being able to be as creative as she wants to be from now on. The prelude show was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to actually own the album in every format possible, digital, physical or vinyl you bet I will be purchasing it numerous times. Now I just need her to announce a UK tour so I can see an amazing performance live and finally be able to say I have seen her perform live.  

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