October 2021 Favourites

October has been another month that has absolutely flown by with the blink of an eye but I aren't complaining as we are now into my favourite part of the year where the weather drops colder and we get more nights at home just relaxing as football matches get cancelled and the weather just tends to keep everyone indoors rather than people wanting to go out all the time. October has been a month of sticking with old favourites to be honest but it has also been an exciting month as we edge closer to the games room getting redone & making progress with the football blog but here are what made the favourites cut from the month of October ... 

Film & TV

Grey's Anatomy

I said it last month and I will say it again I really don't know the last time I was this hooked on a show but Grey's Anatomy has me gripped and I can't seem to move away from it. I am already approaching the end of Season 10 which isn't bad going to say I have a lack of free time but any free time I have had has been spent consuming the show. It is safe to say I am hooked and I definitely have my favourite characters and ones I really can't stand. 


Lauren Jauregui 

At long last we have had new music from Lauren Jauregui, the former Fifth Harmony group member not only realsed 1 but 2 songs this month which I have had on repeat since the release plus she revealed more of what is to come with her Prelude show, an artist performance of the new album being released next month (fingers crossed). I have been waiting for this for a while now and the show was brilliant so I am now just on countdown for the album release as I know that is definitely going to be on repeat. 



Once again the Macbook is on the favourites post but this month it is because of a pretty exciting reason. I was actually in the press area for a football game recently thanks to the football blog so I actually got to take the Macbook to the game with me where I managed to live tweet the game. This is one of the reasons I wanted the device for so to get to use it for that purpose is just fantastic. I have once again used it daily too, managing to get so much done with it. 


Finally thanks to the weather changing I managed to get a fair bit of gaming done and 90% of that gaming was done on the PS5. I am so glad we managed to get one pre-ordered for release day as it is such a brilliant console and almost a year in we have had absolutely no issues with it and have used it a whole lot more than any other console we currently have. Plus it installs games really quick which makes a nice change. 


Spider-Man Miles Morales

I finally completed Miles Morales on the PS5 in October and although I am glad it is another game out of the backlog I am pretty gutted that it means the game has come to an end as I was really enjoying what I was playing. The game honestly had me gripped and I loved every second of my play through to roll the credits, I don't usually go back to games once the credits have rolled but with this one I am really tempted to do so and who knows I might even end up playing the remastered Spider-Man game on the PS5 as playing Miles Morales has definitely reignited my love for Spider-Man.

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of October. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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