What we Are Playing (7th January)


The second weekend of 2022 already and I am already really enjoying the changes I made at the start of the year as it has meant a bit of a slower pace of life than I had in 2021. I am making more time for relaxing and gaming and no longer spending every spare minute blogging and it has been absolutely fantastic so far and I am really hoping that I can continue to stick to this. I enjoyed just relaxing and playing some games last week and I am really hoping I can do the same this weekend as we don't have much planned. So here is what we are both hoping to play...


I have really got into ice hockey at the moment and I ended up buying myself NHL22 so I will no doubt end up playing a few games of that this weekend as it is surprisingly fun to play. I am also still continuing my play through of Saints Row Re-Elected on the Switch which I am still enjoying, I aren't very far into this at the moment but I am hoping to make more progress this weekend so who knows how far I will get into it. I finally made a start on tell me why last weekend too and I am determined to get that close to completion as I have really enjoyed what I have played so far, to be honest I could definitely get this complete either this weekend or early next week as I am a little bit hooked. 


Is it the weekend if I don't spend most of my time playing World of Warcraft? Of course I will be playing more of this over the weekend but again I will jumping in and out of this as I will also be playing Football Manager 22 which I am still enjoying. I have recently started playing Kingdom Come Deliverance too which again I am really enjoying and getting into it so who knows how much progress I will end up making on that this weekend. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to sit and play this weekend. It is looking like a very quiet weekend at the moment so fingers crossed we can both spend a lot of time gaming and make some really good progress on what we are playing. I want to be a whole lot of games this year so I need to make time for those rather than sitting and blogging all the time and with how quiet things are at the moment it is certainly a good time to get a head start on beating those games. 

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