Blog Plans For 2022


2021 has actually been a pretty good year for the blog to say I have been dipping in and out of it and forgetting to set posts live however, I am hoping to make 2022 even better in terms of blog and social media content along with learning new things such as photography and editing to make things that step better. It is safe to say there are going to be a few more posts and a bit more of a schedule to 2022's content as I try to stay consistent and new things may even be coming to the site as I incorporate even more of what I love. So here is some of the things that are going to be happening on the blog from 2022 and hopefully going further into the future...

In terms of gaming I haven't really been on the ball in 2021 and I have slacked on getting the gaming content onto the site which in the grand scheme of things is the reason why the site exists in the first place. I am making a lot more time for gaming in 2022 and I am hoping that means that 3 Thursdays out of each month will involve either a full game review or a 1st impressions post, these wont always be new games as I am still working on my backlog but I will try to keep them interesting. I have noticed a lot of my content has been PlayStation content however, there will now be a mix of content as I try to make sure I am not just sticking to the one console over and over. 

There is also going to be gift guides added to the site along side wish list posts which I enjoy writing so those are here to stay. If there is any particularly interesting gaming news that I fancy writing about and have time to do so those segments may also feature on the blog so that could be gaming release news or anything along those lines, like new controller colours being released. I am also hoping that with a few games that are coming out I can start getting collectors editions so there will hopefully be gaming related unboxings being added too. 


The features section on the blog has been some of our most viewed content since adding them so those are definitely around for good now. We are hoping to really increase our FIFA pack opening section over the course of the year as we finally get to play the game a whole lot more and we will be continuing to do our weekly what we are playing posts which we really enjoy and will hopefully post on time in the new year. The recent achievements and trophy post will also be added so that we can keep tracking those  and who knows more features might appear throughout the year. 


I have really enjoyed adding more content to the tech category on the site too so I am looking forward to adding more of that over the course of the year. Again this is going to include gift guides and wish lists along side a year etc with a specific item post just so we can see how a product still performs after a certain time. Again there will be plenty more product reviews coming especially for products that we purchase to help with the blogs and projects. As our tech at home grows we will also be adding product vs product posts just to show the comparison between similar items for those who might be weighing up their options. Of course we will continue doing unboxings of new pieces too as we are hoping to add some bits to the collection that are going to help content creation wise. 


I really got back into music in 2021 and almost constantly had it on even if it was just in the background. We have a few concerts we are attending next year so there will be reviews of those coming up and we will also be doing occasional album reviews alongside current playlists.  There will also be favourite artist posts and the yearly Spotify wrapped post which I look forward to doing. I am sure more music related content will also be added as the year progresses. 


I have really enjoyed writing a monthly favourites and new in post so those will be continuing and fingers crossed we can add more content such as event guides, whats in our bag, clothing and so much more. These posts are just going to be occasional ones but I am already looking forward to writing them. 

As it stands we are going to be aiming to upload 4 times each week throughout 2022 however some weeks may feature a few extra posts if something has happened like a State of Play. We are also hoping that each month has a nice mixture of content to keep everyone interested and coming back for more. There might even be a whole blog redesign at some point in the year as we work on the overall layout and appeal of the site. Graphic quality over the course of the year on posts will also be getting much better as I start to learn more about photography and editing and I am really looking forward to doing this as I want the content to be the best quality it can be. 

In terms of social media I have really slacked on that in 2021 and in 2022 I am determined to be more active on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook so everyone gets a taste of the content we are putting out there. Not only will we be more active but the quality of the posts especially on Instagram is also going to be a whole lot better as we put more time into it and schedule posts in advance rather than forgetting to post. 

Over the course of the year things may change but for now I am really happy with this plan going into the year and I am really looking forward to seeing how the year plays out for TNG Games fingers crossed it is going to be another good one.

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