August 2022 Favourites

Well another month is over and done with and it is yet another month that has flown by, it seems like each month just goes quicker and quicker. August was a pretty jam packed with the football back for 90% of the leagues I watch so that pretty much filled all my time. Then there was the fact it was the school holidays so I was spending plenty of my time with family which sometimes you just can't beat. The month has once again been filled with old favourites alongside a few new ones so here is what made the cut for the month... 

Film & TV

Blue Bloods

Oh look it is that same TV show for yet another month. Blue Bloods has really taken over since I got Paramount Plus ans I can't complain as I am absolutely loving it, I am clearly hooked. I am already approaching the end of series 5 as I watch this every time I have some very rare free time, I have even missed watching a few football matches just to watch this which isn't really like me, I guess I just love it that much.


Demi Lovato

Demi is back and honestly I think she sounds better than ever. She has gone to a more rock style of music and it sounds fantastic. Since the release of the new album I have had this on repeat as for some reason it takes me back to old school Demi in the Don't Forget era which I absolutely loved. I can't see me getting tired of this album anytime soon.


Canon Camera 

The football is back which means the camera has been brought back out ready for the new season. I have also spent a fair bit of time throughout August using the camera for other blog content and it has been fantastic to use. It is easy to step up and I am really starting to get more out of it after what feels like forever. Liam is loving it for the match day photography too. A little upgrade is in the works though for some projects we are working on.



To be honest gaming hasn't been top of the priority list for me during August just due to the lack of free time as the football got under way and we have been trying to build up the football site so that has been a major priority. I did get the chance to sit and watch Gamescom opening night though and it is safe to say I was impressed. The conference has got me a whole lot more excited for Hogwarts Legacy too which is a game I was already looking forward to. I really need to watch more gaming events.

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of August. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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