What is in our camera bag 2022

The new football season has begun which means we are back photographing local games and the camera is back in full use, granted it gets used a fair bit in the off season too for other blog projects however, it is during the season where it spends a lot more time out of the house and we actually need to use the camera bag to ensure it doesn't get damaged as we have definitely had a few close calls in the past. At the moment we don't have too much camera gear to take out with us so the simple Amazon bag we got a few years back does the trick and has space to spare however, one day I am hoping we can add a lot more equipment in the future but that is a whole other post another day. So here is what we currently have in our bag for those quick and easy football shoots...

First up is the main item, the camera itself. We knew when we first started the football site we needed a better camera for capturing the games but we were on a budget (we still are hens the lack of upgrades) so we went to our local PC World store where we found this Canon EOS 4000D plus two lenses for just £350, a bargain in our eyes. After checking out some reviews we settled on this one and I am so glad we did. It is really easy to use and isn't actually as heavy as it looks either which is an added bonus for when I am using it as my arms aren't as strong as Liam's. 

The camera came with two lenses one is the 18-55mm lens which we keep in the bag but don't use too often at the football as it just doesn't give the right amount of depth for clear pictures, but it always handy to have with us just in case. We also have the 75-300mm lens which is our go to for the football games we cover as for the ground we are it provides us with some great clear images for use to use on a variety of platforms. We only ever use this lens for the football though and I wish we had more to use it for as I absolutely love the quality of images it provides us with.

So there you go that is everything we have in our camera bag for 2022, as I said we are definitely looking at adding to this bag in the future but only when we have saved enough to get those items as everything seems to be on the expensive side these days. The items we do add to the bag though are definitely going to help us elevate our content for not only the football site but our other websites too. I am looking forward to seeing if we can add anything new this year but if not it will definitely be next year when we make the new additions. 

What would you add to this camera bag?

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