Time to start the 2023 backlog challenge


2022 was an absolute failure in terms of my backlog challenge, I just couldn't find the time or motivation to game however, I am determined that in 2023 though this will change. I am trying to balance my time a bit better so I aren't always working or blogging and actually have some free time on an evening to get through the huge backlog of games that I have and that seems to keep on growing. I only rolled the credits on 2 games in 2022 however, I am going to aim big in 2023 and aim to complete 10 games which I have picked out already, even completing 3 of these games will make it a better gaming year than last however, I really do need to make sure I am making time for myself so I am going to aim to finish all 10, I have to admit though I will be very happy even if 5 are complete.

The rule of the challenge is simple I have to roll the credits on the main campaign of the game for it to be classed as a completion, there is no achievement or trophy hunting here so those don't have to be 100%, just credits rolled. I also can't buy any new games without completing 3 games before hand. This just stops the backlog getting totally out of control and will mean I am actually playing games before buying new rather than having games just piling up like I have previously. I have to say there are quite a few games I have my eye on in 2023 so I am hoping that wanting these is going to really help push me to complete other games I already own. I am hoping to get the likes of Hogwarts Legacy on release day rather than years down the line so I know that by early February I need to get 3 games ticked off and out of the backlog. Obviously if I get a new game for my birthday or Christmas these are exempt from the 3 out 1 in rule but if I could be close to that before receiving a game for an occasion that is even better.  So here are the games I want to complete in the 2023 backlog challenge: 

Sonic Frontiers 

Lego Star Wars 

Sackboy: A big adventure

Halo Infinite

Gotham Knights

Avengers PS5 

Saints Row

Soko Bunny 

Murder on marine express

Stanley Parable 

I know that a few of the games on this list are going to take me under 10 hours to complete so fingers crossed I can fly through those games. As for the rest they are all games I have been really looking forward to playing so fingers crossed they keep me hooked and I really power through them. I am really hopeful that this year I am going to complete way more games than in 2022. It is all about balancing the time right and making sure I have time to switch off and game, I can't keep going 100mph like I did last year I will end up badly burning myself out.

Let's see what 2023 holds in terms of gaming, fingers crossed it is a good year and the backlog gets reduced.

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