My 2023 reading plan


2023 is the year of making positive changes that are going to benefit me in plenty of ways and give my mind a bit of a break rather than working 100 mph like it has done in previous years. Last year I was getting far too worn out as if I wasn't at the football watching I was playing or writing about it, add in the rest of the blogging work I was doing and trying to focus on my fitness and weight loss journey things were just none stop. As I say though I am trying to make better changes to give myself a break and one way I am hoping to do so is by getting back into reading. I used to absolutely love reading and made a start getting back into it last year however, life went crazy and I dropped off again, I still buy books I just never get around to reading them. That is definitely going to change though as I have a stack of books I am determined to finish by the end of the year.

First up to ensure I am reading plenty and not getting bored I am going to try mix up what I am reading. I have a good mixture of books in my to be read pile however, in the past I have stuck to just reading fiction over and over or football book after football book not this time though. I think if I read a fiction book I will follow it with an autobiography or self help but and so on, just change things up and keep them interesting. 

My bookcase is overflowing now with books from my favourite footballers especially from the women's game so I really want to get through a lot of those this year but I also have self help books that are going to help me on my journey this year so I think those two categories are going to take centre stage this year. I do have a fair few fiction books I would really like to get through as well though as some of those books have been around since before we even moved in together almost 5 years ago. 

I am determined this year that I will complete 10 books which I will be tracking on both Goodreads and in my new bullet journal, I think it is going to be a bit of extra fun marking each book as it is completed and giving it a bit of a rating whilst seeing my progress across the year, it might also show me a trend into what books I like or don't like so I can avoid them in the future. The plan for the year to get through this amount of books is to read every single night, something I should be doing rather than scrolling on my phone like I currently do. I am hoping that half an hour to an hour of reading before bed will not only get me through my books but will also help me relax and have a much needed good nights sleep and help create a good routine for me on an evening that is going to improve my life overall as I will be more rested and ready to tackle the next day with an early start as I am planning to do.

My to be read pile is seriously out of control now and it is time to change that alongside creating a healthy habit to get me more relaxed. I am excited to see just how many books I end up reading over the course of the year and just which I preferred and if those I had really looked forward to reading lived up to the expectations I had set for them. I am really looking forward to just switching off and having some screen free time this year as it is very much needed. Time to pick up those books I guess.

Do you set yourself any reading targets for the year?

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