June 2023 Favourites

Well once again it has been a long time since we have done one of theses posts hasn't it. It is time for the return of the monthly favourites posts though and it is safe to say June was a good month to bring these posts back as it was a month of finding some new favourites whilst also rediscovering old ones. So here is what made the cut for June's favourites...

Film & TV

South Park

I was never a fan of South Park growing up like most people so I just didn't bother watching it. However, me and Liam ended up making a start on watching it in mid June and we already seem to be on season 9. This has been the perfect show just to have on in the background whilst we are down in the living room with the dog as it doesn't really require a lot of focus to know what is going on and you can just jump in and out as and when you want as there isn't much of a story line to follow. I can see this being our go to show for a while.


Tegan & Sara

Whenever I have been in the car or in the spare room office I have had one playlist on and that has been my Tegan & Sara playlist. Their music just never gets old and the playlist is a mixture of all their music and the features they have done so it is a nice mix of styles really as they have definitely changed a bit throughout the years. I have definitely found their music is really easy listening and thanks to that when I have them on I seem to be a lot more productive so I guess I am going to be listening to them a whole lot more.



Once again the Macbook is on a favourites post and to be honest these past few months I would have been lost without it. 99% of the blog posts written since March have been on the Macbook and June has been a much more productive so the Macbook has been used a whole lot more. The Macbook has been great as it has meant I can work from anywhere and luckily for me the dog no longer minds me using it and doesn't try to attack it anymore. Without the Macbook there wouldn't have been any content created at all so of course it is a favourite.


Stanley Parable

I actually managed to complete 2 games in June, I am not sure how but that is two more out of the backlog at long last. To be honest I enjoyed both the games I played however, if I am being honest the Stanley Parable is definitely the favourite of what I played. Going into this game I really didn't know what to expect and honestly after rolling the credits I still don't know what went on but it was fun to play and a really nice change of pace. I wonder what game will make the cut for July, let's hope it is another month of progress for the backlog.

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of June. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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