What we are playing (1st September 2023)


What better way to get back to posting than with our weekly what we are playing this weekend post. It is safe to say I have missed posting on here lately but I will be honest I have not had anything to write about, life has been chaotic and the dog still won't settle upstairs so there has been a real lack of gaming, I have definitely missed gaming and writing though so here we go I am back and I am hoping to have plenty more reviews etc coming up in the near future. For now though here is what me and Liam are planning on playing this weekend...


This weekend is definitely going to be the weekend where I finally move a console downstairs so I can get back to gaming a lot more often as I have been missing it a bit too much recently. It is going to be a busy weekend though with content to create, jobs to do around the house and a game of football to play. Fingers crossed though I can get the PS5 downstairs as I really want to make a start on Gotham Knights, I have been putting off starting this for too long now and I think it would just be nice to relax on an evening and make progress through this game. I am also hoping to get the games room tidied up so I can sit and play Murder on the Marine Express on the Xbox once the dog is in bed on an evening, this isn't a long game so I should be able to fly through it with no issues at all and can have another games ticked off the backlog list at long last. Who knows I might even get through a bit more Super Mario 3D World if I end up opting to play on the Switch for a bit too. I am making very slow progress through this game.


Thanks to staying up later than Lucy I haven't missed out on gaming as much as she has however, my gaming time has definitely decreased. I am hoping that I can get plenty played again this weekend though and of course the number 1 game I will be playing is World of Warcraft as I still enjoy my nights playing this when Lucy & the dog have gone to bed. No doubt at some point I will also be jumping into a bit of Football Manager 2023 too as again I am still enjoying playing that. Finally the only other game I am tempted to play this weekend is Crusader Kings 3, again I have been jumping in and out of this recently so no doubt I will put a few more hours into it over the weekend.

So there you have it that is what me and Liam are hoping to play this weekend fingers crossed it all goes to plan and we can get some hours put into gaming rather than just doing housework etc all weekend. I know that especially for myself a few hours of gaming will be a fantastic way to just switch off and relax for a change as that hasn't happened at all recently. 

It is so nice to be back writing on here and I am looking forward to getting plenty more posts up in the near future so don't forget to keep checking back for more content...

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