August 2023 Favourites

Seen as we are back posting it would only be right to bring back the monthly favourites posts wouldn't it? So let's kick it off with a look back at my favourite things from the month of August. The month was filled with new favourites and also rediscovering old ones thanks to the month being a bit of a mixture so here is the overall favourites which made the cut for this post...  

Film & TV

Harry Potter

I don't actually remember the last time I sat down and watched Harry Potter however, towards the end of August I sat down and watched a few of the films. I honestly forgot just how much I love these films, they are absolutely fantastic and by watching these films my love for the franchise has been reignited and it has made me even more determined to get my hands on a copy of Hogwarts Legacy. Now when is it acceptable to binge watch the films again if I have only just watched them?


Limp Bizkit

There couldn't really have been anyone else as my music favourite this month as I actually got to see Limp Bizkit live in August. Let's just say it was an absolutely fantastic concert and has made me want to go see them anytime that they come to the UK. The concert was at the historic Piece Hall too so the outdoor experience plus some fantastic music definitely solidified Limp Bizkit as the musical favourite this month.



Again the Macbook is a favourite as it has helped me out in so many ways. I am working on a new project at the moment so the Macbook has been used daily to help me get things up and running with things. It is still standing string after plenty of use too so there is no waiting around for loading I can just get on with tasks now. I can't see it not being a favourite for a long time.


Nintendo Switch

In August I ended up having a weekend away with my family, a 6 hour car journey meant the Switch was one of the first items I packed ironically though I didn't even play on it in the car. In the end I actually spent my evenings playing on my Switch whilst my nephew was sat playing on his. It was nice sitting and playing some games together and it made me realise just how much I missed gaming

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of August . What have you been loving throughout the month?

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