My goals for 2024


Well 2023 is finally over and done with and to be honest I am quite glad about it as the year really didn't go to plan for various reasons and in fact looking back at the year absolutely nothing I set out to do throughout the year got done. Gaming was also on the back burner due to a lack of time which in all honesty I am gutted about as I had high hopes for working through my backlog in 2023 plus it meant I didn't get to post half as much on here when one of my aims for 2023 was to produce more blog content based on gaming. I think the set backs of 2023 have made me more determined to have a totally different 2024 though as the motivation to get back to this site and gaming in general is at an all time high plus I have been missing out on some big titles that I really need to get playing. So here are my goals for 2024...

Game more

I mean even 3 nights of gaming would help me achieve this goal as I gamed so little in 2023 however, I am planning on creating more time on evenings to allow me to just sit and game, plus the dog happily settles in the games room now so I really don't have any excuse to not be sitting and playing games more often. This will be a good way to switch off on an evening too and just get lost in the gaming worlds rather than having my brain working at 100 mph all the time.

Complete 10 games over the course of the year

I keep setting 10 as a goal for the amount of games I roll the credits on however, I never get anywhere near it. I am determined though that in 2024 I am going to smash the 10 games completed and I will have a post going up about that separately soon so keep an eye out for that as I will be posting the list of games I am hoping to complete to make up those 10 but no doubt I will drift from the list too. 2024 will definitely be the year of gaming and you can hold me to that.

Mix up the consoles I play on

I don't remember the last time I played on anything other than the PS5, the rest of the consoles have been massively neglected but then again so has the PS5 in the grand scheme of things. I am determined though in 2024 I am going to try mix up all the consoles I play on rather than just sticking to the PlayStation. I have plenty of games to play on the Switch, Xbox and even the Steamdeck so it is about time I got playing on them again. I guess it will help me get a nice mix of content on here too as I tend to play different styles of games on different consoles.

Limit the amount of money spent on games

I am at the stage now where I really need to catch up to some of the newer game releases however, due to having such a gaming backlog thanks to not playing anything I don't want to spend a fortune on the newer releases if they are just going to be sat on a shelf for months. I will be doing the backlog challenge again (more on that soon though) so I will be going back to only being able to pick up a new game when I have completed 3 off my backlog list and I will definitely be sticking to that this time around.

Attend a gaming event

The plan has always been to attend a gaming event whether it is a big or small event so why not make 2024 the year to actually do that. Where I live there are plenty of little local events for us to head to so it is just a case of finding one on a suitable date and fingers crossed if everything goes to plan I will be at one gaming event at least, I guess only time will tell on this one.

Save up to buy one or two new tech pieces

The big plan for 2024 is to save, save, save and to be honest I am saving for a fair few bits which are mainly getting jobs around the house done however, I am hoping to have enough saved to treat myself to a new piece of tech that will help me with various different projects I am working on. I have a few ideas in mind of the pieces I want to pick up that I will be mostly saving for throughout the year so let's hope I can pick up at least one tech piece I am saving for.

Mix up the content I post on here

In recent years I have tended to stick to the more personal pieces of content on here however, I am hoping to change that in 2024. The aim is to have a nice mix of content each week, some content might be reviews, unboxings, wish lists but tech, Lego and a few other bits might make an appearance just to mix things up a bit. Each post will hopefully be different to the previous and maybe it might make me work through more games to achieve this, but I guess we will see on that one.

Add tech content back onto the site

I just mentioned with the goal above I really want to start adding tech content back to the site. I used to really enjoy writing those pieces so it is about time I got back to them. I already have a few ideas in mind for the pieces I want to write in regards to the tech side of things so let's hope things go to plan and those pieces get written and I can get through a few pieces each month in the tech genre.

Post on here at least 3 times a week

Ideally I would love to be posting every weekday but just as I am trying to get back into the swing of things I will be happy with 3 times a week. This will be a mix of posts plus I will have a few set posts each week which are going to be part of ongoing series, some which have been around a while and some which are new. Who knows I might end up post more than this weekly however, 3 a week is the aim.

Be more active on Instagram

Just like the blog my presence on Instagram has also been no existent and I am really wanting to change that in 2024. The app has always been a great place for me to chat to those with similar interests and I have got talking to some great people through it and in all honesty I am missing those people so hopefully those conversations will come back as I post more. I have plenty of ideas of what I would like to post too so I am looking forward to getting started on creating those pieces of content. 

Grow on Instagram

I am hoping that 2024 is the year where I start to see some growth on Instagram too and if the goal above of being more active goals to plan and I create the content I am hoping to then the growth should hopefully go hand in hand. My Instagram has been stuck on the same amount of followers for a long time now but I know that is due to a lack of posting. Let's hope by the end of 2024 some consistency can show off some growth.

Work with brands

As part of all the growth I am hoping that I can get the opportunity to collaborate with brands in the future like I have done in the past. Previously I have worked with some brilliant brands so who knows what the growth of the site & Instagram will have in store for me. I would love to collaborate with just 1 brand on Instagram in 2024, if that does happen then I will consider this goal completed.

So there we go those are my goals for 2024, I am really hoping for a much better year as 2023 really was a write off. Make sure to keep checking here and on Instagram for those new posts as I am 100% determined to get that consistency nailed and produce much more content like I used to. Now let's see what 2024 has in store...

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