January 2024 goals


I mentioned in yesterday's post 2023 really didn't go to plan however, I am 100% determined to make sure that 2023 doesn't go the same way. 2024 is going to be a much better year where I achieve plenty and actually get to spend some time doing what I love once more aka gaming. I think with how much it was put on the back burner in 2023, I am more determined to make time to sit and game once more. To help make the year go much smoother I am going to be doing monthly goal posts with a little wrap up at the end of each month, something that is just a bit of fun which will hopefully keep me accountable through the year too. So here are the goals I am setting myself for January...

Update iMovie

I don't remember the last time I updated my Macbook or iMovie however, one of my top priorities for January is to get this done as soon as possible. If I want to work on the things I have in mind I am going to need iMovie working as smoothly as possible so hopefully towards the start of January I can get both the app and the Macbook updated so I can get cracking on with what I am working on. 

Use iMovie at least 5 times throughout the month

I want to move away from in app editing on my phone so I am challenging myself to using iMovie for editing at least 5 times throughout January. This is going to give me the chance to work on my editing skills on some free software before deciding if I should upgrade to something new or not. If I use it 5 times it should help me work towards some other goals too so it is a win, win really too.

Upload to Tik Tok 3 times a week

I am determined that 2024 will be the year of social growth and I am determined to have a presence on Tik Tok at long last. I am hoping that one day I will have enough ideas to post on here daily however, for January the goal is just to post 3 times a week with a bit of a mixture of content which is yet to be decided on.  Hopefully 3 times a week will help posting on there become second nature but I guess only time will tell with that one.

Post on Instagram daily

As well as being active on Tik Tok I am determined to start the year on the right foot when it comes to Instagram. My goal for January is to post on Instagram daily in the hopes it helps me pick up the habit to carry into months throughout the rest of the year. I have all the content I want to post mapped out so let's hope I can stick to it and we see a bit of growth to kick start the year.

Read 1 book

I have a post coming up all about reading soon and how I plan to increase the amount I actually read so why not kick the year off in the right way by having a goal of completing a full book by the end of January. I have been reading Alex Scott's book for ages now so my goal for January is to get this completed and be ready to move onto my next book. Let's hope I can report this as complete at the end of the month wrap up.

Buy a Pokemon Elite Trainer Box

I mentioned in one of my last posts of 2023 that I want to get back into collecting Pokemon cards even though I know it is going to cost me an absolute fortune in the long run. With me wanting to start collecting again I am setting myself the goal of picking up an Elite Trainer Box to get me going. The cost has put me off in the past but it won't be doing in January, it is time to start that collection.

Build a Lego set

There are a fair few Lego sets starting to pile up in our house and it is about time I started to build some of them and get them out on display. I actually got some great sets for my birthday back in September so I think one of these will be the first but I guess we will see when it comes around to picking the first. This will be a perfect screen free activity to help me relax on an evening.

Sort the gaming shelves out

The games room has been neglected since getting the dog which means everything is a mess in there and needs a good sort out. There are games all over the place and games that are in the wrong case so a goal for January is to restore some order and get the shelves sorted out at long last. The PlayStation games will be together, the Xbox games will be together and there will finally be a home for the Switch games. Maybe I can put those games I am determined to complete in 2024 to the front too so I don't neglect them. 

Play on more than just the PS5

I have settled into the comfort on the PS5 due to us moving it out of the games room whilst the dog would only settle down stairs. I want to mix up the games I play on various consoles throughout 2024 so why not get that started early on. A goal for January is to make sure I am not solely on the PS5, I have some great games on the Xbox so I want to make sure I am also playing on that throughout the month and who knows the Switch may make an appearance too.

Complete 1 game 

I really want to get 2024 started on the right foot as I have mentioned in this post quite a bit. The aim in January is to hit the ground running in my backlog challenge and have 1 game completed, by this I don't mean 100% trophies, completing a game for me is simply rolling the credits. I am determined to fire through my backlog this year so even 1 game complete in January will help me get started.

So there you have it those are my goals for January, if even half of these get completed I will be on track to a better year than I had in 2023 so let's hope things go to plan. Now let's get working on these so I can have a very positive wrap up post at the end of the month.

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