Overwatch first impressions

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Of course there was no way I was missing out on this game. On release day I went into the shop around the corner from my work at 7:15am and excitedly picked up a copy.

Now I stayed clear of any reviews of those who had played the beta version so I could make my own mind up on the game. I don't really play Blizzard games however I am hoping to begin playing World of Warcraft in the next few months. Here is what I think after a few hours of play (full review coming soon)....

Graphics: I love the graphics the games include to me they are clean and crisp which makes the game much more enjoyable to me.

Game play: I am enjoying the fact the its a first person shooter as it is one of my favourite genres in games. One point it is lacking is having more game modes.

Controls: I usually struggle on picking up controls easily however with this game I am finding it so simple to remember what each button does and how each ability works.

Story : There isn't exactly a story to this game with it being mainly online however I am enjoying it.

So there you go there are my first impressions on the game. Once I have played more of the game a full review will be up.

What do you all think about the game so far?

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