Tegan & Sara Love You To Death - Review

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So it is no secret that my favourite band is Tegan and Sara. So now after just over a month of listening here is my review of their latest album Love you to death.

Love you to death is the 8th album from the Twin sisters from Calgary, Canada. This album has carried on from Heartthrob in a more synth pop type of sound, compared to their previous albums such as the con and so jealous that feature more indie sound.

The tracks are all written by Tegan and Sara and this album gives a lot more personal lyrics. These are lyrics about both romantic encounters and their own personal relationship with each other.

The track list for LY2D is as follows,

That girl
Faint of heart
Dying to know
Stop desire
White Knuckles
Hang on to the night

So far they have brought out music videos for Boyfriend, 100x and U-turn all of which have a different style to them. I am hoping they bring out more videos soon.

So far after hearing a few of the songs live as well as listening to the album a lot of times, my personal top 3 favourite songs are, dying to know, white knuckles and stop desire. These are the ones that are sticking in my head for the longest amount of time and also the ones I feel having the catchiest lyrics.

It was also great to see the LGBT community coming together after the tragic events in Orlando last month and seeing the lyrics from  hang on to the night circulating around the internet providing a message of support.

The stand out for me with this album is how much the twins have developed their style over the years but are still producing the same great music as they develop with each album. Also they are still keeping involved within the fans just as they have done for all the other albums. They are great role models who clearly have a love for what they do.

Hopefully one day I will get to interview Tegan and Sara to feature on here.

Have you heard the album? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below?

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