People I look up too #1 : Lindsey Byrnes

(Photo taken from google)

So not many of you guys will know this but I used to love photography and actually wanted to study it for quite some time. Unfortunately other things got in the way and I ended up going down a totally different path. 
Through Tegan and Sara I got to know more about Lindsey Byrnes, their photographer. I immediately started following Lindsey on Instagram and Twitter and fell in love with her work.

Lindsey has photographed so many of my favourite people, Tegan and Sara, Kate Moennig, Paramore, Paris and many more.  Each image she takes she captures the moment perfectly. 

It is thanks to Lindsey I have now bought a brand new camera and am hoping to get back into taking my own photo's.  I may not be anywhere near as good as Lindsey but I can always try my best and have fun along the way.  I am seriously hoping having this camera will get me back out there and bring the passion back. 

I am hope one day I will be able to tell Lindsey just how much she has inspired me. Maybe  one day I will also get feature her in an interview on the blog.  I can honestly say that would be a dream come true.

Who inspires you? Let me know in the comments below.

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