4 reasons why I love gaming

I love gaming for so many different reasons but here are my top 5,

You can escape to a different world
This one of the main ones for me, I love how you can just take yourself to different places such as the grassy plains of  Pokemon or the busy stadiums of Fifa. You could seriously end up anywhere.

You can forget about everything and relax or take out your stress
When I am stressed out I love to play on games such as Call of Duty. It just lets me release my anger whilst having fun.

Meet new friends
Thanks to gaming I have met a huge variety of people from all over the world. I love just going online too and meeting new people with similar interests.

Can get the family together
My family and I have spend may Christmas day's and family gatherings playing games such as Just Dance, Guitar Hero and Mario Kart. There's not much better than getting together having a few drinks and a bit of friendly competition.

So that's why I love gaming. Why do you love gaming?

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