Black Friday madness

I went a little mad in the black Friday sales which was completely unintentional honestly. I visited quite a lot of shops. I wasn't completely blown away with all the offers around but I did get a few bits. Some of the items in this post weren't in the sales but I had to get them anyway.

First stop was the Disney store, I have had my eye on this super cute Aladdin for ages and in the offers this worked out at only £8. 

It was games that I went a little mad on there are 2 that I forgot to take pictures of one of which is Guitar Hero Live which was down to £20 and also the new Call of Duty on Xbox which cost only £29. Next stop was game which is where I got Watchdogs 2 for £35 and Bioshock collection for £25. I was going to wait until after Christmas for these however I couldn't resist.

Next stop was an early morning trip to Sainsbury's where I got Homefront for £11.99 and a copy of Deus Ex with a mini figure for only £19.99. I can now honestly say I have spent far too much on games.

Next up are the DVD's which weren't in the offers but I couldn't leave them behind. Dirty 30 came out earlier this year but I have only just got around to ordering it. I love Hannah, Grace and Mamrie so this is a must have. I managed to pick up Sex Tape on Blu-ray from my local pound shop.  Finally in the DVD's I got the Resident Evil collection for only £12.99, I have got this to make sure I am all up to date for when the new installment comes out.

I have been on the look out for new books for a while now. So I decided to finally take advantage of my Amazon prime membership and purchased the 2 books above. As soon as I heard Anna Kendrick was writing a book I knew I had to get it at only £9.99. As I said about the DVD's I love anything to do with Hannah Hart so when I realised I could finally get my hands on her book Buffering it was a no brainer that I was going to get this.

So there you go that is what I bought recently. Have you bought anything good lately? Let me know.

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