Dishonored 2 unboxing

So I am finally getting around to doing this post. It has took me long enough, I had this product on order for a very long time so when it came to the 12th of November I couldn't wait to head to my local game to collect this. I got this edition basically for the mask and ring but I also can't wait to play the game. So here is the unboxing. First off you see the clear fronted slip case so you can see the mask with the game name and the collectors edition written on. 

On the side of the sleeve you have the wanted posters of both Emily and Corvo on either side just to add to the detail. 

 When you remove the sleeve you also have the images of Emily and Corvo on the actual box in a design fitting to the game.

The first things you see when you open the box are the poster and the steel book. In the steel book you get the Dishonored 2 game along with some game add ons and a digital code for the Dishonored the definitive edition. 

Finally you get to the figure and ring. I was so excited when I got to these as these were the bits  I was looking forward to most. The mask is excellent quality and is a great edition to the start of my figure collection. Then it is up to  the ring which actually fits however I wont be wearing this and this will probably end up on display next to my set up.

I can't wait to play the game, once I do I will be sure to put up my first impressions and review.

So there you have it there is my super quick unboxing post. Have you got this collection? If so what do you think to it?

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