Smyths Toys Haul

 I dragged Liam along to Smyths on my day off on Monday. This was all down to me seeing that some of their toys had been reduced right down to £1.00, I honestly thought this was too good to be true. Luckily I was proved wrong and managed to pick up all the items in the post for just £11.00. When we sat down we realised this was a massive saving of £101.00.

First up is the Captain Sparklez slime sword. To be honest I had been looking at this when it was full price so at £1.00 I definitely wasn't leaving this behind. Any what 22 year old doesn't want a plastic slime sword. For another £1.00 I managed to pick up the Captain Sparklez mini figure set including the sword and a slime. I love the Tube Hero collection so I am completely happy with the purchases.

 Next up is a fairly new obsession of mine Yo Kai Watch. I managed to pick up this collectors album for my medals I have started collecting this was right down to £2.00 and I also managed to piock up some additional sleeves to go inside this for £1.00.

Finally I got all the character soft toys that they had to offer. These were also only £1.00 each. Liam told me I could buy whatever I could carry so I made the most of it and I am so glad I did.

So there you have it that is what I managed to buy I would seriously recommend heading down to your nearest Smyths toy store to see what you can find.

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