FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Pack Opening #5

Well here we go another week of playing FIFA with a few new packs opened, again these packs are all from playing Squad Battles and preorder packs that I had waiting for me. I managed to get a few bits from completing objectives too so I had a fair few packs waiting for me, although it seemed to be the week for packing duplicates so here is what I ended up getting this week...

The first pack I opened had 2 duplicates which wasn't ideal. To be honest the best things from this pack were the contracts which always come in very handy. 

My team seems to be either all English or all Spanish at the moment but I aren't complaining about that as I am getting some great cards from these nationalities. 

An objective reward pack which I was looking forward to opening ended up being a let down as that was just filled with 2 duplicates once again. 

For once I managed to pack a headliner which is great as I never seem to have luck with packing these plus it is a Spanish card which is definitely going to come in handy. Plus I got Ramsey which I guess I can't complain about. 

Then I got another pack that was filled with some pretty good cards as they will slot into my team nicely.  I got Saul who again is Spanish which is helpful and I also got Fraser who is a Newcastle players so he will come in handy as a bench player. 

Oh look another pack with 2 duplicates, I am hoping this isn't going to become a common theme lately. The best thing in this pack though is definitely the Fiorentina tifo as they are one of my favourite teams due to events when I was younger. 

Another good pack was this one as it had 3 players in who can easily fit into my team due to me having a lot of cards with these nationalities. Even if they don't go straight into my team they will be handy to have on the bench when needed. 

For the final pack I was quite impressed with the cards I got as there actually weren't any duplicates for a change which seemed to be a theme this week. 

So that is what I got in my packs this week what did you get? Any good cards?

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