Games I am looking forward to

I usually buy games as soon as they are out. However it is time I stop this which so far I have managed to do, I haven't got Mass effect yet or Horizon Zero Dawn which has really surprised me. Below are the games I will definitely be getting on release day.

 I was obsessed with Crash Bandicoot growing up. Me and my cousin would play for hours, the mask would scare my sister to death but I was hooked. As soon as I heard it was coming to PS4 I couldn't wait. I am ready to waste hours on this game once more.

I got Destiny when I bought my PS4 as it was part of the package. I played it a little and Liam played it quite a lot. I am determined to get back into Destiny before I get this game as the little bit I did play I enjoyed quite a bit.

I absolutely loved playing Injustice especially the story mode on it. As soon as I heard that they were bringing out Injustice 2 I knew straight away I would be getting this no matter what. It is such a fun game to play.

I still need to pick up Stick of truth however I think the Fractured But Whole seems like such a fun game, I have loved South Park for a while so am really looking forward to giving one of the games a go.

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