New Controller

 The day after I found out Game had an offer on Xbox controllers I went to bingo and won £125.00. Obviously first chance I got I went straight to Game and picked up this beauty.

Currently Game are offering certain controllers, Halo 5, 3 months of Xbox live and £5.00 Xbox store credit for only £59.99. I already have Halo 5 but who knows I may use the spare copy for a giveaway when we get to 100 likes on Facebook. But at £54.99 just for the controller I was taking full advantage of the offer. The live is always handy and I may get Unravel with the credit. 

Anyway back to the controller I was actually surprised when my mum helped me pick the colour as she never wants anything to do with games etc. It was possibly one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in a long time Red or Blue. In the end after a long debate my mum picked up the red one and headed towards the till. I am pleased to say my controller collection I mention in my Things to do in 2017 post is finally up and running.

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