Gradient Gripz

I am lucky enough to have been sponsored by Gradient Gripz for quite a while now and this is a post that I have been meaning to write for a long time. I got these grips from the last year if I remember correctly these only cost me £2.00 for the pair. I have used the grips for a while now and have to say I love them. My thumbs used to just slide off the analogue sticks however now I do get a much better grip meaning my aim is a lot better whether I am playing Fifa or Call of Duty.  They also make the controller a lot more comfortable. 

An added bonus from Gradient Gripz is that you get free delivery on all orders over £10.00. So why not head on over to to check out there full range. If you do order don't forget to use the code tnggames for a 10% discount.

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