AFX M0116 Gaming Mouse

When my grandparents told me I had £50 left for Christmas gifts I never imagined I would get a gaming mouse and keyboard within the prices range. I went straight down to PC world where I found the AFX range (something I hadn't seen before). Great value and great product is all I can say for this mouse.

It doesn't have all the buttons however the grip is great on the side and its a decent size meaning it is super comfortable to use. This is an issue I usually have as I have fairly small hands. The vibrant orange colour really makes the mouse stand out and the orange and black paracord cable means it doesn't get tangled and fits perfect with the mouse colour theme. I honestly believe this is a perfect beginner mouse for those just getting into PC gaming. I can't wait to keep putting this to the test. Also it is currently on sale at PC World for only £13.99 with the full price only being £19.99 so why not give it a go yourself.  

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