TV Shows Been Watched

I have spent more of my time lately watching tv shows instead of gaming because once again I have started ones I have become hooked on.  One of these I started a while back but have recently got back into where as the other I am on my 2nd watch through. So here is what I have been watching.

The L Word is the show I have already completely watched but once again find myself re-watching. It is a show you can get hooked on super easily with some great characters and intriguing story lines that just leave you wanting to watch the next episode right away.

Suits is the show I started watching mid last year, yet I have only got back into this past few weeks. Liam first introduced me to the show but I wasn't too sure then I watched a little more and was instantly addicted, I am currently on season 4 of this and am at the stage where I don't want to get too caught up and have to wait long periods for episodes. 

So there you have it that is what I am watching. What are you guys watching? Let me know over on twitter, facebook, or in the comments below.

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