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Anyone who knows me knows I hate to wear my glasses. This obviously causes issues whilst I am gaming as I end up straining my eyes, which causes massive headaches. Even when I do wear my glasses after a while a bit of glare from the screen starts to drive my eyes mad. However I have noticed that since I bought my Hex gaming glasses I can now game for longer with no eye strainer which gives a much more enjoyable experience.

The glasses only cost me around £13.00 as I got them way back on black Friday, however to currently get them they are only £19.99 which includes a soft case to store them in. For the price I believe they are definitely worth the money. 

As I have said my gaming experience is becoming more enjoyable as I can game for longer periods of time. I can do this because the glasses are so lightweight they don't rub behind your ears and after a while you actual start to forget you are wearing them. The lenses are an amber tint which is to help prevent eye strain, this works by them blocking the blue light that comes from your screens. Not only do these prevent eye strain but they can also prevent the headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision that blue light can also cause. My gaming time went from around half an hour until I got a headache before I got the glasses to until I got fed up whilst wearing them.

Another great thing I have noticed about these glasses is that the lenses are also treated with a scratch prevention treatment. I tend to leave the glasses laying around and they are currently scratch free after around 7 months of use. I don't recommend leaving them laying around however if you do it is great to know the lenses wouldn't be as damaged as if you left untreated lenses around. 

For the price I would honestly recommend making the purchase as they really do the job they say. You can get the glasses from www.hexgamers.com  

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