PS2 games I can't wait to play again

I got a great deal on a PS2 a while back it was the PS2 and 12 games for £19.99. Since then I have been looking for games to add to my collection that I would love to play once again. I played a lot of PS2 games as a kid as it was my main console so to gain these games again would be fantastic. 

The games in today's post are ones I either received when I purchased the system or that I have found whilst out trying to track down old favourites. So here are the top 5 games I have so far that I can't wait to play.

 Stitch Experiment 626 
I used to play this quite a bit as I am Stitch obsessed. I picked this up from CEX for £1.50 a few months ago. I have played it once since but am still trying to get used to the controls again. Which is proving harder than I thought. 

Scooby-Doo Mystery Mayhem
I know I have played this before however I don't remember much about it so I am looking forward to going into this absolutely clueless once again. This came with my console which I thought was a pretty good extra.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance
I don't know why but I never got this game originally so when I saw it came in the bundle with console I was very pleased. I am a huge Marvel fan so I can't wait to give this a go. 

One of my favourite games ever and I don't even know why. I think it might be due to me been a huge Lightening McQueen fan. I don't usually like playing racing games but this had me hooked for hours on end. I can't wait to get back into playing this and at only £3.00 from CEX it was a real steal.

The Incredibles
This is another game I used to spend hours playing. So when I saw this was only £1.50 I had to get it, again once I get chance I can see myself playing this for a very long time. Anything that is Disney will definitely be getting purchased as those are some of my favourite games from my childhood

Another thing I need is to get a memory card for the PS2 as the current one I have is constantly saying it isn't recognised. Do you know where is best to get these? 

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