3 To Start - PS4

Following on from my 3 to start - Xbox post, here are 3 of my PS4 games that I have had sat on my shelf for a long time that have just been neglected. My backlog of games for the PS4 is seriously growing, I really do need to stop buying new until I have got through at least half of these. 

With me now starting to save up to get a house I am going to be cutting down on the games I buy and actually stick to my backlog, unless it is a game I really really want. So here are the first 3 that I want to try complete...

 Watchdogs is the game I got free with my PS4 way back in 2014. I played it for around 5 minutes then ended up swapping to Fifa and never picking the game back up. I am hoping to sit down and give this a try as I think it is something I could actually end up enjoying. 

I bought this one on a lunch break at work simply because it was cheap. I have heard mixed things about this but Liam seems to think it is my type of game. I am hoping he is right. I think it is a game Liam has wanted to give a go too, so if it is something we can both enjoy well that is an added bonus.

Little Big Planet 3 is one of those games where I loved the first 2 so when the third was announced I knew I was going to end up buying it. I actually managed to hold off for a few months before buying this but then I just had to get it. I actually don't remember sitting down to play this at all so I can't wait to get started on it. I am hoping it is as good as I remember the first two being. 

So there are the 3 games I am hoping to start with to get through my backlog of games. Now is the task of working out which I want to play first. What games in your back log do you want to try get through? 

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