Asus Republic Of Gamers : GLV553V

I finally bit the bullet, took money from my savings and treated myself to a gaming laptop. Honestly it's the best think I have done in a while. Although the parents weren't originally too happy they are finally coming to their senses and seeing it as a good investment.  I opted for the Asus ROG GLV553V after a lot of shopping around, it does what I need and was the cheapest at just over £900.00 much better than the £1400 one I had been looking at. It's black design with orange back lights looks great and even fits in with my AFX gaming gear I have for my desktop so that's an added bonus. To be honest I think the orange glowing logo is what my dad is most impressed by.

 The screen is the perfect size for me and the overall display is brilliant. To me the gaming images are definitely of a HD quality making gaming a little more enjoyable. I have also found it can run a lot of my games, which my desktop couldn't. Overwatch runs perfectly on this which is an added bonus and I can't wait to try more demanding games. Life is Strange : Before the storm also ran perfectly and the visuals were just amazing really adding to the game. I read in the reviews that this laptop got quite hot however I am yet to experience this even after hours of game play. I do have to admit however the battery time does only average 4 hours whilst gaming which I suppose isn't too bad but it is a pain when gaming and you have to run off to grab the charger. 

Another great thing about the laptop is the audio it produces. Its built in speakers really are amazing whether it is listening to a streamer, watching a film, listening to music or playing a game. I am particularly loving the in game sound as with some games it really does feel you are apart of them.

Something else I love about this laptop is the fact you can customise the keyboard. At the moment it is rainbow but I think after a little playing around this may end up getting changed. I am still trying to get used to playing on the laptop so I am still trying to work out where each key is without looking, maybe each key group will have its own specific colour to stand out.

Now I still need to play around with the gaming centre so I can't really go into this much today but I will be doing a separate post on this. From first impressions however it looks great having everything you need in one space. 

I can't wait to carry on using this laptop and hopefully even use it to begin recording videos and possibly even streaming as I think it is more than capable. 

If you want to know more about this or fancy a few break down posts. Let me know in the comments below. Do you have this laptop what do you think?

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