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I have gone a little crazy spending wise this month. I spent an absolute fortune at the wrestling and after it. I still have quite a bit I am wanting to get my hand on but that is seriously going to wait until after Christmas. Instead of getting Christmas presents I seem to have treated myself and here are some of the things I have treated myself too...

Becky Lynch T-shirt
I have wanted one of these for ages, Becky is definitely my favourite female wrestler at the moment. This is a t-shirt I got when at the WWE live and was a bargain price of £10 which surprised me as I was expecting it to be at least £25. 

Seth Rollins T-shirt
Seth is one of my favourite male wrestlers at the moment and I had said for ages I would get one of his tops if they had them at the live event. As soon as I saw it I knew I had made the right choice I love it.

AJ Styles T-shirt
The phenomenal one for sure I absolutely love AJ Styles. The way the crowd reacts when his entrance music comes on and the way he wrestles is just amazing. I was so glad I could get one of these tops from the live show. 

Official WWE Programme
There was no way I was coming home without a programme from the WWE. Granted it is just a book full of pictures but it is a book full of my favourite people.

I also managed to get a pair of the AJ Styles gloves and Becky Lynch goggles. My parents don't understand why I even thought I needed these but they are great.

I even managed to find 3 WWE pop figures which I haven't seen around before.  So now I have added Sasha, Finn and Roman to my growing collection. I am trying to collect all of the WWE ones so I really need to keep an eye out.

Taylor Swift Reputation
As soon as Taylor announced she had a new album coming out I knew it would be added into my CD collection. I have loved Taylor from the first album and haven't missed an album. I absolutely love the direction she is going in.

12 rounds, 12 rounds 2 & 3 
Films staring WWE stars have become something I am watching more and more. If it stars John Cena you can guarantee I will get it. It is also great when the sequels involve other WWE superstars.

I think that is it for my WWE items and other bits and I really do think I need to cut back on the spending or at least until after Christmas.

See you all later
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