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I go through phases of getting absolutely hooked on shows to watching nothing but football. Lately it has been the hooked on shows that has been happening. Granted I still watch my womens football (usually on Thursday nights) but I have spent a lot of time watching shows I have recently discovered. The 3 main shows I am watching at the moment are...

WWE Ride along is one show that I wasn't too bothered about when I first saw it on the WWE network. But then I watched the Miz and Maryse episode and got really into it. The show is so funny and gives you a better insight into the wrestlers personalities. 

Swerved is yet another show I have fallen in love with on the WWE network. Seriously the network is the best £9.99 I spend each month, I definitely get my monies worth from it. Swerved is a prank show series one is mainly just wrestlers pranking wrestlers but series 2 also involves pranks on the public. I think I have almost finished this show but I will definitely be re-watching it with Liam.

Now Liam started watching this as I said I was going to sleep.... that didn't happen as I wanted to see what was going on with the show. I told him it was rubbish and I wasn't interested and he kept laughing every time I tried to sneakily look at the TV. I have to admit after watching a few episodes I will be going through and watching them all.

So there you have it that is what I am currently watching. What are you watching?

See you all later
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