Gaming Merchandise Christmas Wishlist

 I already know that I am getting a whole load of Assassins Creed and WWE items for Christmas from my family but there are also some items I have been asking for when they have nagged that I am too awkward to buy for (they saying games and gaming related items are not good enough ideas) some of these items are..

Since I saw these announced I have been after them. I am obsessed with candles and I love Crash. When I have been asked why I want something like this the simple response is because look at them. These will be perfect for when me and Liam have our own place and finally get our games room.

Our kitchen cupboards at home are full of mugs from ones with images of Manchester United on them to Disney to Adventure time. I think if another mug comes into the house my dad is going to flip. But it hasn't stopped me from asking for a few more. I am thinking of getting Liam the Crash Nitro one, so this would go with that perfectly when we get our own place.

 I have really started to get into Blizzard games lately. Mainly Overwatch but I am also trying to play WoW and Hero's of the Storm again. Liam had a virtual ticket for Blizzcon but I missed it unfortunately. I am also hoping to finally subscribe to WoW whilst getting more and more into it. After Liam showed me a few items on the Blizzard site I knew some would be requested for Christmas. I am after anything Sylvanas as I don't know why but she is one of my favourites by a long shot and they do some really nice items with Sylvanas on. 

This goody bag from Blizzcon is something me and Liam have been looking at since they were first revealed. I always love bags and this looks great for an every day bag, plus you get a lot of great extras too.

I already have quite a few of the WoW soft toys so I am also hoping to grow that collection too.  The 3 images above are the 3 that I have asked for to add first and I think these are definitely the cutest. The WoW soft toys are great they are super soft and look such great quality.

On top of this Primark have some great Call Of Duty merchandise that I am hoping to find. This is everything from socks to hoodies. 

Is there any gaming merchandise you are after for Christmas? Let me know.

See you all later
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