This Week #14

This week has been a good week, there has been a fair bit going on that is making 2018 into a great year already and I am even back into blogging again. I am really enjoying sitting and getting posts sorted out and seeing how people respond to them. Not only am I actually being a lot more organised with the blog but I have also managed to get back in the gym and eat healthy again. I have a good feeling that I can stick to this all year. So here is what I have....

Been watching : To be completely honest between work, blogging and heading to the gym I haven't had time to watch much on TV or YouTube. However this weekend has been a chilled one for me and Liam and we have watched Batman the dark knight and a little bit of air crash investigation.

Been playing : I have been able to stay awake a little longer each night this week, which has meant I have got to play more games than I have in the last few months. Some of my picks have been South Park The Fractured But Whole, League of Legends and Fifa 18. I have played more Fifa though as I am trying to get a team together on manager mode.

Been reading : I have been wanting to read my Alex Morgan book, but I have mainly stuck to reading blogs this week in any spare time I have had.

Been listening to : I have been listening to a lot of Halsey yet again. I have been listening to her in the gym and whilst just sat blogging or playing games.

Bought : I have been surprisingly good, in fact I still have Christmas money left. I am hoping to put this towards a game or headset so I am trying to be good for a little longer. 

What has your week been like?

See you soon
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