I said a while back now I was going to write about the different types of X-Gamer drinks so here is the long awaited second flavour. You can see my first post all about the Bluenitro here. I honestly don't know why I took so long between trying the flavours but I wont be leaving it too long again. 

The Powacrush just like the Bluenitro is really bold in colour and the actual powder dissolved extremely quickly. The shaker I bought along with the sachets is also perfect size as you aren't drinking more of it than needed in one sitting. 

Now after seeing the colour of the drink I was worried that the flavour may be too strong for me, however I was wrong. It does have a lemon type of taste to it which you can taste but it isn't too strong at all. In fact I thought it tasted a little like flat lemonade which to me still tastes good. 

I will be getting more of this in the future but to be honest I think so far Bluenitro is still my favourite so far. I can't wait to try Zomberry and all the other flavours they have to offer. 

You can purchase the drinks from www.x-gamer.co.uk. Have you given them a try before?

See you soon
TNG Games

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