What's In My Bag

I have finally got to the stage again where I am actually taking a bag out with me. The bag is a Harry Potter one the my auntie and uncle got me for Christmas and I am in love with it. The bag is the perfect size for what I keep in it and the design is great. I also love how it is drawstring and has the little zip section on the front.So here is what I keep in it...

I keep a little notepad in the bag just in case I am out and about and get some post ideas. I also have little shopping lists in the book so I don't spend money on what I really don't need. My diary is also in there so I can write down any appointments, events or even game releases. I even write down post and some stats just so I can keep track of things. 

My iPod also seems to come everywhere with me now. I think it is mainly due to the fact that my family listen to terrible music in the car, it honestly drives me mad. My glasses case is also thrown in my bag because I don't know why but I can't wear my glasses for a full day, especially if I am walking in and out of places and the glasses start steaming up.

With me trying to read a little more throughout this year I am currently carrying around my Alex Morgan book, I am hoping that if it is in my bag I will just start reading it on car journeys. Although this may not happen as I also keep my 3DS in my bag, I mainly keep this in there as I have seriously neglected it lately. This is also perfect for any long journeys just to pass some time.

Obviously I also have the essentials in the bag such as pills, hairspray, tissues and my keys however my phone and wallet are thrown into my pockets along with my gloves for easy access. 

I am hoping that soon I will get my Microsoft Surface fixed so I can add this to my bag, and maybe even spend some time blogging whilst on the go.

What do you keep in your bag? What should I add to mine?

See you soon
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