Dragonball Xenoverse My Thoughts

Have you ever been really excited to play a game, only to actually sit and play it and it just really not live up to your expectations? I don't even know what I expected from this game but after a little bit of time of playing it I just gave up. To be honest I probably didn't give it much of a go but I just couldn't see myself sat playing it for hours on end or even returning to it once I stopped playing that night. 

Now don't get me wrong I was playing this on my gaming laptop and the graphics were actually really good, even the controls seemed to be pretty simple and easy to pick up. However something just wasn't there and I wasn't gripped. With other games like Injustice, I was instantly hooked. I remember getting it for the PS3 at Christmas when it was first released and spending hours on it, I even ended up playing it again on the PS4. But I just really can't see me ever doing this for this game, there was just something missing.

Would I play it again? Honestly unless I am really stuck for something to play I honestly don't think I would bother. I am honestly glad I didn't bother to get this when it was released/full price. Sat thinking about it I am also glad I didn't rush out the buy Xenoverse 2 like originally planned. I think for now I will stick to the likes of Injustice and even purchase Injustice 2.

Have you ever tried this game? What did you think?

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