February Goals

January went by super fast and I don't really feel like I achieved as must as I wanted. So from now on I am going to do these goal posts monthly, I will recap on the previous month on what I have achieved / not achieved and I will set myself new little goals. Me and Liam put an offer in on a house at the beginning of January which was accepted and we are now just waiting on a completion date. I know as soon as we get this things are going to be chaos so here are a few things I want to do this month before things start to get busy for us. 

Update Instagram more
Instagram is something I always totally forget to upload on but can spend hours looking through. I really want to grow the blogs Instagram this month and am hoping to post once a day and if not more. I want to use it to not only promote posts but also add a little personal touch.

Get close to finishing Shadow of War
As we are moving I have already begun packing to help speed the process up a little bit. I have packed away most games but left a few out and Shadow of War is one of them. I am hoping that having left only a few out I will stick to these and end up possibly completing some this month. So hopefully you will get ot read some of those reviews soon.

Spend more time on 3DS
I don't really do much on my lunch break and have been seriously neglecting my 3DS recently so I now always have this in my bag ready to play on during my break and I am also hoping to play it whilst at my grandparents too, instead of just been on Twitter all the time.

Do more tech / book reviews
I really want to start adding more of a tech side to my blog so I actually want to add some reviews of items I own for you all to read so keep an eye out for those. I am also surrounded by books that I am still to read, whether this is a football book or a fiction book they really need to be read. I want to try get into a routine where I have an hour or so a night just for reading. Hopefully this will help me get a better nights sleep too.

Be more organised 
I am terrible at being organised, which is why I forget to post most days. This is usually from me forgetting to type a post, get photographs or forgetting to make notes. I now have a spreadsheet type of checklist for my posts and my diary to try help me be a little more organised and I also have my dedicated notebooks for making sure I make notes and know where they all are. I am hoping that all this helps make the blog grow and I am even planning on having dedicated days just to get scheduling and posts done. 

So fingers crossed when I check back next month all these are checked off.

 See you soon
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