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I did pretty well and didn't buy any new games for quite a while, but then I had quite a bit of extra money so did a little spot of shopping. To be honest I shouldn't have bought these as I haven't played any of the games I already own throughout February as my nights have simply been packing boxes ready to move, plus I have been shattered after work. But here is what I treated myself too and I have to admit these were bargains.

I have finally managed to get my hands on Destiny 2 I got it for just £19.99 from my local Tesco one lunch time. I had originally wanted it for my birthday back in September however that never happened. So then I held off for Christmas but still didn't happen. I finally gave in though and treated myself from the extra money. I can't wait to give it a go when I finally have chance to sit and play it properly.

Steep and Mirrors Edge Catalyst are purely just two random buys. A relative informed me how Tesco were selling off games from just £1.50 but it was limited to just two games per customer. We got there pretty late on in the day so there wasn't too much left, however I did manage to pick these up for just £2.00 each. Steep is a game I kept looking at but never really thought about purchasing where as Mirrors Edge Catalyst is a game I would never usually consider playing but at £2.00 each I may as well give them a go.

I have also recently treated myself to all the Fifth Harmony albums (not all pictured) as I am absolutely hooked on them at the moment. Since getting them I have had them on repeat along with my Marian Hill album I bought at the same time. I have recently started listening to my music constantly, whether I am just sat around or gaming. It is great just having it on in the background.

Have you played any of these games or listened to any of the albums? If you have let me know what you think to them.

 See you soon
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