Camila Cabello Album Review

Camila is Camilla Cabello's first solo album, the ex Fifth Harmony band member left the band at the end of 2016 and has since being working on her own music. I was a little curious when I saw Camila was leaving Fifth Harmony to go solo as within the band her voice really stood out and went really well alongside the other girls voices. However if you listen to her collaboration with Shawn Mendes, I know what you did last summer, you see how powerful her voice is and how much it really does stand out.
 Her first single Crying in the club didn't really hit it off with fans straight away (it didn't even make the album in the end) and it wasn't until the release of Havana that Camila really started to be noticed and taken serious as a solo artist. However, I think I personally prefer Crying in the club to Havana which still seems to follow you around today, it is like there is no escaping the super catchy song. 

At only 20 years old Camila seems to have done so much brilliant work and I can't see where her music takes her next. With this album she has also begun to write her own songs, something that she apparently didn't get to do whilst in Fifth Harmony, her song writing for such a young artist is also brilliant as I can find myself singing along to the lyrics over and over throughout the day even if I haven't listened to the song. This to me is the sign of a good song writer as they are creating songs that will always be in your mind and make sure you don't forget. Her album also takes on a bit more of a pop vibe compared to Fifth Harmony's hip-hop and R&B sound which really gets her to break out on her own.

Some of my favourite songs from the album are:

Consequences - This song is one of the ballad types on the album. 'Loving you was sunshine safe and sound a steady place to let my defences but loving you had consequences'. The lyrics are so raw and passionate and show the real side of letting someone in only to find out that it isn't all that it is meant to be. It shows the real side to a heartbreak and the aftermath of that.

All These Years - 'After all these years I still feel everything when you are near' - Another ballad type song that is all about not been able to fully move on. Once again this song is full of emotion and you can really capture the emotion as Camila sings the lyrics.

Never be the same - Now this song I have told Liam I want as over first dance if we ever get married. Which he basically just laughed at. I keep getting him to play this in the car whilst I very painful try to sing along. The song just gets stuck in my head and again it is one of the slower songs but with a really catchy beat in the background. 'Just one hit of you, I knew, I'll never be the same' another song about a relationship but one of those relationships where you get hooked on the other person and you know that it will change you.

Camila is set to play 3 dates in the UK as part of her first solo tour this year but unfortunately tickets sold out for this almost immediately which is something I honestly didn't expect. Hopefully next time she will do a show nearer where I live and a few more dates. But if you did manage to get tickets I am sure you are in for a great show.

I have to admit I am quite excited to see what the rest of the girls still in fifth Harmony release solo in the future as Lauren has done quite a few amazing songs away from the rest of the girls already. But as it stands Camila really has got me hooked. I would highly recommend listening to this album if you are looking for something new as there is a bit of everything for everyone on it. The album was only released in January 2018 however it is easily already a contender for album of the year in my eyes.

Have you listened to the album? What do you think to it?

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