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A new thing I am starting on the blog is an interview series with people who I will be hosting on my Twitch channel, whilst I aren't streaming. This is to give you all a little more of an insight into the streamer and hopefully help you discover new channels. So first up we have the wonderful Windymassive, someone who I have followed and watched for quite a while now.

So tell me a bit about yourself...
Hey so my name is Lee and I am 28. I am known to most as Windymassive or windy, it is a nickname that has stuck since school and even after due to when I worked out a lot. I have tried a different name before but it never stuck so I stuck to my roots and kept it going. I try to use the name for all my profile names on games.

What got you into gaming?
I would have to say playing Sonic on the Sega Mega Drive II is what got me into gaming when I was about 7. Not been able to save the game and having to leave it running all night to carry on in the morning was what got me into gaming. Especially when I would find my mum had beaten my high score or got to the next level!

What got you into streaming?
I never heard or knew what streaming was until I went to Insomnia58.  It was then when I met some amazing people and heard what they did, that gave me that push to start it myself and see what would happen. Thanks to ltzonda and joshbaked I haven't stopped since and they help to keep the drive going for me. It is great meeting them at the event 2-3 time a year and them still recognising me and keeping in touch through socials. But it is not just them, I have met and made some amazing friends and it is great to see them too and hang out for 5 days all gaming and having a laugh.

What are some goals you want to achieve from streaming?
Everyone wants to make it big as a streamer but it is hard work. Working anything from 45-60 hours a week puts a strain on your streams. Most nights I get 2 and a half hours in and that is me ready for bed. My goals would be to hit some personal milestones and build a community behind me and then work from that.

What are the best experiences you have earnt from streaming so far?
Being a streamer is all about what effort you put in and who you build a connection with. I was lucky enough to get involved with Corsair UK and thanks to them I was able to stream from their booths at i61, that to date would be my best experience yet! I had a wicked time and it was great to chill and do what I do best but with Corsair!

What do you love most about streaming?
Streaming for me is a way to meet people and make friends and that is what I love about it. I have followers who take time out of their day whether it is the UK,USA or Australia to come be in chat and it is amazing. I appreciate everyone who comes by and I make sure to try and get to know them, so I can plan games around them being live, so we can all have a laugh and game at the same time.

What are your favourite types of games to stream?
When it comes to what game I play I play everything. I don't want to put myself in that bracket of main game so I play a variety to keep it interesting and to show people what other games are out there, trying to explain the game and what it is like. I have even had people randomly appear  in chat and ask for a review, and then they buy or download the game to play with me, it is an incredible feeling.

You can find Windymassive on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. You can also find him hosted on my channel in the link below. Who would you like to see me host and interview? Leave me your suggestions in the comments below or on any of my social media channels below. 

 See you soon
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