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My dad got me and Georgia a Beats Pill each a few Christmases ago totally out of the blue. We had opened all our presents then he came back to the room and said he had treated us to another present each. Georgia has used her religiously since where as it is only in the past few months I have started to use it a lot more. Half the time I would just use my iPod without a speaker but I am so glad that I have started using the Pill as I have noticed a huge difference.

The sound on this speaker is hugely different to just listening to it through the iPod or using a cheaper speaker. In my opinion it is a lot clearer,  I have found with some speakers in the past that the quality is quite tinny however with this speaker I have never had that issue even as it is starting to die from low charge. The volume doesn't even have to be turned up fully for it to be loud, in fact I can have it on pretty low and my mum will be shouting for it turning down as she can hear the music word for word.

Whilst it isn't the smallest of speakers it still doesn't weigh a lot and is easy to transport around. It comes with a handy little case too which protects the speaker whilst you are carrying it around. With it being a Bluetooth speaker I was worried about it dropping connection however to this day that hasn't happened to me so my music is constant. The volume buttons are also placed on the back, but are easy to navigate even after quite a few drinks at a party, so that the front is literally all speaker with the little logo in the middle. The charge on this speaker also lasts quite a while so I don't have to worry about having it constantly charging or it dying whilst I am away from my charger especially for the times we have had it out in the garden for BBQ's. I have dropped the speaker plenty of times too whether it just be knocking it off the shelf while cleaning, or dropping it one the driveway whilst outside having a BBQ. Even after dropping it the speaker still works perfectly and I am having no issues with it, which says a lot about how strong the casing on it actually is. 

The version I have is now an older one however the newer model is priced at £179.95 which to be honest is quite a bit to pay for one speaker however if it does the job just like this one then I would definitely buy a new one. In fact when this one finally starts to give in on me I think a new Beat Pill would definitely the first thing I looked for instead of trying a different brand. 

I would definitely recommend trying out the Pill for yourself if you have the spare money or they come into the sales. Have you got a Beats Pill? What do you think to it? Let me know.

  See you soon
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