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Lately I have really taken a liking to buying the latest gaming magazines in my local Tesco and Asda, I am even at the stage now where I am very tempted to subscribe to each of the ones I currently aim to buy monthly. I buy the Xbox magazine, PlayStation magazine and PC Gamer as soon as I have the spare cash each month. At £5.99 each a month when buying the 3 of them it does seem quite expensive at month but I always try to budget so I can get them, although sometimes I do forget to go get them. 

I know that I could save that money each month by reading all the latest news online but since I was a kid I have loved to just sit and read magazines rather than just catch up online. I used to basically run to the shops when a new issue of the Jackie Chan magazine or Match came out and it is something that I have carried on with. An added bonus of buying the magazine instead of just reading online is that you can get some pretty cool freebies. Just the other week I got a copy of the Forgotten Anne soundtrack.

Who knows I may end up subscribing but right now I think I will just be taking a trip to the shops every month. Do you have any ideas on any other magazines I may like? Or are there any you love to read? Let me know.

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