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Following on from my first instalment in the Twitch hosting series which was all about Windymassive (which you can catch up on here), I am very pleased to add AmiPlays to my hosting. Ami is someone who I have followed on Twitter and chatted to for ages now and she is just brilliant. Her streams will leave you cracking up and you will definitely want to keep returning. Ami has become a good friend in the gaming community and I am really excited to see her channel grow. 

So tell me a bit about yourself...
Hi, I'm Ami and I did not choose this name, but it's mine nonetheless and I suppose I'm grateful as it's unique. I'm a YouTuber, streamer and sometimes a vlogger hailing from the great city of Manchester! As well as gaming I love to write, watch films and TV shows, listen to music and travel the world when I can!

What got you into gaming?
My parents bought a Sega Mega drive when I was a few years old. The first game I ever played was Sonic the Hedgehog. It wasn't until I was 8 that I played Final Fantasy VII at my auntie's house that solidified my love for games and the rest, as they infamously say, is history!

What got you into streaming?
I used to be a lurker on Twitch and found myself wanting to stream, but I lacked the equipment and confidence to do this. Instead, I started a YouTube channel after EGX 2015 when I was inspired by meeting Tom Syndicate. His enthusiasm and commitment drove me to making the channel and my personality started to come through. Around the same time, I toyed with streaming before committing fully in 2017. Having an audience to interact with at the same time as playing, an audience that loves the same game as you - it's an immense feeling to have, that people have come to watch YOU play it. They've come for your personality, so it's nice to see it shining through when they turn up!

What are some goals you want to achieve from streaming?
I've already achieved affiliate status and that was in such a small amount of time, it was quite amazing! This year at least, I want to grow my audience that comes back to spend time with me and the games I'll be playing. I would love to achieve partner status maybe someday, but right now it's focused on building a community that spends time together on the stream and has lots of fun!

What are the best experiences you have earnt from streaming so far?
As I said earlier, I achieved affiliate status and that was fantastic. It only really hit me when a few people started to subscribe and you think to yourself, "These people are actually paying MONEY to watch me play games!" More recently, I started a series called Skyrim Sundays. The second stream was mind blowing, purely due to the amount of people that turned up and encouraged me to keep going. I set myself a limit of 3-4 hours each Sunday, but due to the reaction, I accidentally streamed for 7 hours! Experiences like that reiterate how much I love to stream - you can meet people from across the world and share the love of a game with them. It's like they're right there with you in-game.

What do you love most about streaming?
This might have been said before, but I love the interaction with viewers. They're right there every step of the way. even streaming to the lurkers is fun! They might be quiet, but I do appreciate the support.

What are your favourite types of games to stream?
I love some variety. I love single player games, whether I'm replaying old classics or starting new ones. I do like to dabble in multiplayer games every now and then. Recently, I became slightly addicted to the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta and viewers were invited to participate - they loved it! One day I'll be streaming Skyrim. The next, I might be doing some Crash Bandicoot. I'm always open to suggestions, too! A viewer wanted to see me take on The Last Guardian, so that's in the pipeline this year.

You can find AmiPlays on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter and YouTubeYou can also find Ami hosted on my channel in the link below. Who would you like to see me host and interview? Leave me your suggestions in the comments below or on any of my social media channels below. 

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