Neglecting the Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3ds

Growing up my Gameboy both Colour and SP went everywhere with me, whether it was a long or short journey it was with me. Pokemon was always my go to game, then I moved onto the Nintendo DS Lite, I originally got the PSP but my sister stopped lending me her DS and I just really missed Pokemon. Then came the original 3DS which I wasn't going to get but after seeing Liam playing on his I went out and got one and of course picked up Pokemon and even Fifa for a change. That was a time I was still going on holidays with family so I would sit in the car and play on it or just play it on a night whilst we was away. I even took it round to Liam's quite a bit so I could still get my fix.

I then got the 3DS XL and I really starting to neglect it, I didn't go away so I never had those long car journeys or plane rides, I even started taking my Xbox One to Liam's instead of my 3DS. Now I am in my own home and am at home every night I just turn my consoles on or my PC. However, after having the 3DS at the side of my desk for so long I have decided I am going to get back into playing it. Whether this is whilst I am sat in the living room before work or whilst I am sat out in the garden. I just really want to play Pokemon again, I also have so many other unfinished games that I need to get around to completing such as Fantasy Life and even a couple of Zelda games, I may even try steal one of Liam's monster hunter games to give them a go. 

The 3DS really isn't a bad console and with me not having the funds to get a Nintendo Switch yet this is the best way for me to get back to handheld gaming. I just need to stop neglecting what I think is a really good console.

See you soon.

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