Shadow Of War : First Impressions

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I was lucky enough for Warner Bro's to send me a copy of Shadow of War a while back, however due to moving house one of the first things I packed up was the PS4 so I have only just recently got round to playing this. I have to admit it is not a game I would have usually chose to play but I watched Liam play for a while on his PC and thought maybe just maybe I would be able to get into it.

Now something I struggle with in games is remembering what button does what because I play such a variety of games. However, I have to say this actually had controls that I easily remembered for a change. One thing I usually struggle with is blocking in games and I just tend to run away, but in this game it is super easy to do and I actually attempt to block attacks for a change. Sometimes however, I did press a button and nothing happened for a while, the game seemed a laggy. Now I am starting to think this is actually my PS4 as I have played a few other games that have ended up like this, so that is something that I need to keep an eye on. 

In most games when I get stuck that is it, the game gets ejected and put on a shelf never to be played again as I really have no patience. But with Shadow of War, I actually find myself trying and trying over again. It is only when I get really annoyed that I will pass my controller over to Liam for him to get me past it.  Although at the moment it is back on my shelf as I seemed to have played forever, watched it save then when I booted it back up it had sent me back to the beginning. Other than that I have had no other major problems with the game so far.

One thing for me is that some games seem to have the same sort of quests over and over again, which is why I think I like this games as there is something a little different each time. Plus it is super easy to access the guide in the game if I need to check it out. Similarly to it being easy to access the guide it is also really easy to see the player stats so you can see how much XP is needed for you to level up or if you have any points to spend then they easily accessible too. I also love looking on the little army section to see how many I have discovered and how many I am yet to discover. 

I am yet to get my hands on a PS4 Pro but even with my PS4 from back in 2014 the graphics look great on this game. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good story in a game but I also love great graphics, which this really has. I thought at first that this was just due to me actually wearing my glasses to play for a change but it really is just the quality of the game.I have to say I was really impressed it just looks very good. 

Loot boxes are also being removed from this game but this hasn't really bothered me as they are something I tend to avoid in general, meaning it doesn't change my game/experience at all. I actually find myself sitting and wanting to play Shadow of War and to be completely honest I haven't been like this about any game for quite a while so this is a great sign.

 I can't wait to get back into playing this once I have calmed down about my save disappearing and have got more time when jobs are done in the house. I think I may actually get this completed for a change.

Have you played? What do you think?

See you soon
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