PlayStation Gear Store Wish List

Now we are more settled in to our house and things are starting to take shape, it means starting looking at adding the finishing touches to rooms. Most of the biggest jobs are done for now so we have a little spare money to add these touches and one room I want to start looking complete is the games room. We currently have 1 wall that is totally blank and have space for shelves on other walls, I want to end up with these full. So after a good look around here are some of the best things I am after on the PlayStation Gear Store...

I am definitely adding a lot of framed prints to one wall and I want them all to be related to mine and Liam's favourite games, some of the ones I have been looking at are Crash Bandicoot, Assassins Creed, Dragon Ball Z. The prints are roughly only £14.99 each which I really don't think is a bad price at all.

Dragon Ball Z is something Liam has got me into and I actually really enjoy it and I know Liam loves it. I currently have a Pikachu and a TMNT money box sat on a shelf in the games room but I fell in love with this Dragon Ball Z one as soon as I saw it. At £14.99 again you really can't go wrong. 

I am absolutely in love with these Stubbin's plush toys and honestly I want them all. They are just too cute. You can pick these up for roughly £15.00 and I think they are worth every penny. They would look great just sat on shelves with games and our other figures.

Finally something I really want to get hold of is more POP! Vinyls, we already have far too many between us but we have ones from games such as Crash Bandicoot and Overwatch missing so I really want to add to the collection. Especially Tracer she is one I really need to get hold of.

Have  you checked out the PlayStation Gear store? If not check it out here

See you soon.

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